Jimy Mungrool Tools

A comprehensive reange of AirTools, Hand Tools, Automotive, Engineering and Workshop Equipment is available from the Jimy Mungrool range of Trade Quality everlasting tools from TAFCO.

Regular Product Catalogs outline tools available and pricing.  

A comprehensive range is stocked by TAFCO and items not on shelf can be ordered.

Air Tools-> (48)

Hand Tools-> (476)

Automotive-> (201)

Engineering-> (20)

Workshop Equipment-> (18)

Other-> (13)


Jimy              Guarantee                            

Jimy Tools & Equipment Pty Ltd makes every effort to assure that Jimy products meet high quality and durability standards and provides the retail consumer/purchaser with the following warranties:
Jimy Air Tools – 12 Month Warranty Jimy Air Tools are warranted for 12 months, from date of sale to the end user.
This warranty  covers faulty workmanship and materials only. Such accessories as pads, blades, retainer springs, chisels, chucks or any other such attachments are not included. Products which are being claimed for warranty are to be returned to Jimy Tools or an appointed warranty agent freight prepaid with your name, address, adequate proof of date of purchase and short  description of defect.
This warranty does not apply to products which have been abused,  misused, modified or repaired by anyone other than a Jimy appointed repair agent.
The  decision to repair or replace remains solely at the discretion of Jimy Tools only and the repairs or replacements are warranted as described above for the remainder of the original warranty. 
Jimy Air Compressors are warranted for 6 months 
Jimy Hand Tools – Lifetime Warranty  

Jimy Hand Tools are covered against manufacturing defects or faulty materials. This warranty does not cover overloading, abuse, misuse and normal wear and tear. 
Jimy Tools will not warranty the following items:

  • CrV sockets used on impact guns   
  • Ratchets that have been affected by normal wear and tear, or that have been dented or grooved and Broken circlips plier tips   
  • Tool boxes   
  • Hexagon keys   
  • Driving bits and impact driver bits   
  • Cold chisels and pin punches   
  • Screwdrivers

Tools that fail due to manufacturing defects or faults may be returned to a Jimy authorised dealer for repair or replacement at the sole discretion of Jimy Tools & Equipment Pty Ltd.  
Jimy Workshop Equipment / Hydraulics – 6 Month Warranty
Jimy Hydraulics are warranted for 6 months from date of sale to the end user