Paclobutrazol 250g/L
Reduces vegetative growth in apples, stone fruit and mango trees.
1LT - 5LT

Payback contains 250g/L paclobutrazol. It is used as a plant growth regulator for mango, stone fruit and apple trees and for growth control of container grown ornamentals as per directions for use.

Payback is a systemic growth regulator that reduces internode lengths of new shoots and causes earlier formation of terminal buds and controls plant height in a range of ornamental plants. Use of Payback should begin only when trees are nearing their optimum size. It is most suited to intensively managed orchards where trees are near to filling their allocated space and growth control is a prime requirement. It is not suitable for old or unhealthy trees. This product is also used in production of the pot and container grown flowers and foliage plants listed in the direction of Use table.
If a tree is under stress, Payback should NOT be used.
Stress can be caused by: moisture shortage due to lack of rain, or inadequate irrigation; high temperature; salinity; moisture excess due to water table, flooding or inappropriate irrigation; severe or successive frosts; poor fertility caused by imbalance of major or minor nutrients; diseases; insects; inappropriate herbicide use; mechanical damage.