Clopyralid 300g/L (Group I)
For the control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds including capeweed and thistles in pastures, forests, fallow and cereals.
1LT - 5LT - 20LT

Lontrel Herbicide contains the active ingredient Clopyralid, which has activity on a wide range of broadleaf weeds. Lontrel is classified as a Group I Herbicide, with a mode of action where the weed cannot grow due to disruption of plant cell growth. Clopyralid belongs to a group of chemicals called the Pyridines.

Lontrel Herbicide is registered as a spray treatment for control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds in wheat, barley, oats, triticale, canola, pastures, fallow land, forests and industrial situations. Lontrel is widely used as a "spike" to improve activity of other herbicides on volunteer legumes, thistles and capeweed. Further details of use can be found in the Direction of Use section on the Product Label.