Tribunil - Juggler 700

Methabenzthiazuron 700g/kg (Group C)
For early post emergent weed control in onion crops.
Overview JUGGLER 700 is a selective herbicide which controls numerous weeds and grasses in onions.
Recommended Uses Controls broadleaf weeds and annual grasses in onions. JUGGLER 700 is absorbed through the roots and leaves of target weeds.
Advantages Controls a variety of weeds.
Benefits Provides some residual control of weed seedlings.
Mode of Action JUGGLER 700 is a member of the Urea group of herbicides and has the photosynthesis inhibitor mode of action. For weed resistance management, it is a Group C Herbicide.
Chemical Group substituted urea
General Instructions FARMOZ JUGGLER 700 Residual Herbicide is a selective herbicide used to control annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in onions.
JUGGLER 700 is absorbed primarily through the roots and, to a lesser extent, through the leaves of target weeds. JUGGLER 700 provides some residual control of weed seedlings.
Read carefully before using
For effective weed control, weeds must be in the young seedling stage and actively growing. Proper timing, mixing and application are necessary. For proper timing, age of weeds is much more important than size. Weeds should be growing actively and not under stress such as drought. JUGGLER 700 should be applied to onions when they have one or more true leaves. It is most effective when weeds are very young. Many weeds are controlled by 500 g (very young weeds only) to 1 kg/ha. If weeds are older (bigger) increase dose up to maximum rate.