Annual, Italian and perennial Ryegrass Seed,Phalaris and Cocksfoot Grass Seed is available from TAFCO in commercial quantities.


New Tetila is a locally produced tetraploid annual ryegrass developed under the Seedcare Quality Assurance Program as an improvement to the uncertified common variety.  This program ensures superior performance as the original Tetila, bred in the Netherlands, is not certified in Australia and lines of the cultivar can vary greatly.  Purchasers should consider New &/or Betta Tetila to be assured of quality.  New Tetila is suitable for all regions, quick to establish with early maturity, provides an early graze option and better hay or silage.  With yields higher than oats and improved consistency and quality, New Tetila is an ideal annual option for quick feed at low cost.

RAINFALL                    450MM+
SOWING RATE              20-30KG/HA


CRUSADER ITALIAN RYEGRASS has dominated the pasture seed market. It is our number one product because of the value it gives.  Crusader is fast to establish and if it is planted in late February/early March it will provide high quality early feed. If you want to sow a late paddock in May/June for extra hay it will do the job.  Give it a fertile paddock and a decent season and farmers have been known to lose small tractors in it.  The discerning dairy farmer will use Crusader instead of Tetila as it grazes better, milks better, and then gives you the option of silage and hay later which because of its quality you will feed out less in the next autumn. 
Crusader is used in our most popular fodder mixes including Target Feed and Fodder and Target Autumn All Grass.

RAINFALL        650MM+
SOWING RATE              15-30KG/HA


BOLTON Ryegrass this mid maturing ryegrass looks unassuming but is a real goer. Locally bred as the true replacement for Vic, it is an all-rounder that will travel anywhere. Bolton is as tough as nails offering improved winter & spring production in both yield and quality,  increased rust/disease resistance and excellent value for money.
Bolton is great for either sheep or cattle.

RAINFALL                    550MM+
SOWING RATE              15-20KG/HA


Holdfast GT is one of our newest and most popular phalaris varieties. Holdfast GT is fast to establish, has excellent winter activity, high yields and great quality. It is reasonably tolerant of acid soil and is persistent. Holdfast GT has all the qualities of Holdfast but has improved tolerance to hard grazing.

RAINFALL               450MM+
SOWING RATE - MIX            2-4 KG/HA
SOWING RATE - ALONE                     4-6 KG/HA


Kara Cocksfoot has an erect growth habit, making it ideal for grazing cattle providing palatable and nutritious feed.  It is a summer growing plant that will grow into winter.  With improved disease resistance, this non aggressive cocksfoot complements perennial pasture blends and will persist where ryegrasses have failed.

RAINFALL                        550MM+
SOWING RATE - ALONE                      6-8KG/HA
SOWING RATE - MIX                          2KG/HA