Pasture Seed Blends - Annual

Target Annual Pasture Blends are available in 25KG bags.
Target Feed & Fodder, Target Hay & Silage and Target Autumn Allgrass.

TARGET FEED & FODDER is a combination of late maturing ryegrasses and annual clovers that has produced outstanding results since 2007. It can be used in both irrigation and high rainfall environments, with the opportunity for numerous winter grazings and multiple silage or hay cuts. It has excellent regrowth potential, and will produce quality leafy feed into early summer with irrigation or spring rainfall.

ZOOM Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass
CRUSADER Italian Ryegrass
VIPER Balansa Clover

SOWING RATE             


TARGET HAY & SILAGE is an ideal blend for grazing, hay or silage production. This mix can be used in situations where a short-term pasture is required, or as a productive break crop to clean up a run down paddock before returning it to permanent pasture. The blend contains early to mid maturing varieties that have only moderate regrowth after cutting. If full regrowth potential is required use TARGET Feed & Fodder.

TETILA Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass
PRONTO Annual Ryegrass
PARADANA Balansa Clover
MARAL Persian Clover
ARROWLEAF Annual Clover

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AUTUMN ALLGRASS is an ideal blend for oversowing paddocks that have a healthy population of clover, but little ryegrass. It is best sown early in the autumn to take advantage of its rapid establishment and high level of winter production. The late maturing ryegrasses will make excellent silage or hay, and offer the opportunity for quality regrowth into early summer.

ZOOM Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass
CRUSADER Italian Ryegrass

RAINFALL           550MM+
SOWING RATE           25KG/HA