TAFCO Newsletter NOVEMBER 2012

Notice of AGM – Members are invited to the Annual General Meeting
of the Tobacco & Associated Farmers Co-operative Ltd on
Thursday 31st January 2013—6.00p.m 
Myrtleford Savoy Sporting Club—MEMBERS BAR
Followed by a light supper and refreshments—all members most welcome

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TAFCO Newsletter JUNE 2012

The recent acquisition of Murray Goulburn Trading in Myrtleford is the catalyst for new investment in the TAFCO business and infrastructure.

Investing through a range of initiatives is seen as critical by the board. Securing our ongoing partnership with Phil Ash and Myrtleford (Elders) Insurance Agency through increasing office space, upgrading of the truck to provide a more efficient regional delivery service and the installation of pallet racking are just some of the ventures the Board are looking at implementing in the future.

Items in this newsletter

  • Store closed for STOCKTAKE Wed 20th June
  • 2012 Member Rebate-Dividend issued
  • Debtor Policy update
  • Dates for Chemical User & Refresher Courses
  • Invitation to ‘Old School Museum’ Open day
  • Devondale products now available from TAFCO

Submission to MDBA

SUBMISSION on the Murray Darling Basin Plan –

The Tobacco & Associated Farmers Co-operative Ltd (TAFCO) is a farmer owned co-operative with over 500 members, predominantly from the Upper Catchment areas of the Ovens King and Kiewa Valleys.

Our organization has had representatives on various local Water Service Committees, Stream Flow Management Plans and Water Management Plans for over 20 years. A number of our members have been represented on the Upper Ovens Area Water Management Plan Committee which has developed Victoria’s first conjunctive management plan for surface and groundwater extraction. Under this plan groundwater and surface water will be treated as the same resource. We have also had representation on the Victorian Basin Plan Advisory Group and have taken part in round table discussions and public meetings conducted as part of the MDBP process.

TAFCO does not support the Plan and has major concerns over the potential social and economic impact to our region if adopted in its current form. The science hasn’t changed, the numbers don’t add up and our area has been ‘skimmed over’.

It appears to be insignificant in the overall scheme of the Plan.

TAFCO Newsletter MARCH 2012

TAFCO - Local Farmer co-operatives work together in Myrtleford

Dear Members

On behalf of the TAFCO Board and Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co Ltd, I am pleased to inform you of recent events which will strengthen our future and secure your shareholding in the Tobacco & Associated Farmers Co-operative Ltd. 

TAFCO has entered into an agreement with Murray Goulburn (MG) Trading Myrtleford to provide goods and services to their members and customers upon closure of their store on the 31March this year.

As you are all acutely aware, the farming sector continues to face increasing input costs and has not recovered from the loss of tobacco production locally. Dairy is a key regional growth sector – it is a progressive industry and is welcomed to the TAFCO family.


TAFCO Newsletter OCTOBER 2011

Chairmans message

On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to thank members for your continued loyalty in trading with TAFCO during these difficult times of economic downturn in the rural sector.

I would like to ensure members that the Board together with management are continually looking at how we can improve efficiencies in the business and ensure long term ongoing viability. Co-operative principals are strong with distribution of our profits weighted towards rewarding loyalty to members through rebate on trade rather than paying higher dividends.

AgVet Chemical Training dates (July newsletter)

Tuesdays 6th & 13th September 2011
9.00a.m – 5.00p.m (2 day course)
Myrtleford Savoy Sporting Club

TAFCO Newsletter JUNE 2011


TAFCO Newsletter MARCH 2010

INVITATION to Women on farms…….
Yes ladies, it’s that time of year again when we plan a special day out for Women on Farms.



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