Dectomax® is the high performance drench for Australia's leading producers. The two uniques models of Dectomax® Injectable and Dectomax® Pour-On give you the two choices to control the parasites that count, including the 5 major worms, lice, cattle tick and buffalo fly.

Both Dectomax Injectable and Dectomax Pour-On have their unique benefits, but its the active doramectin that makes the difference. Its broad-spectrum efficacy and persistent days of activity provides longer protection for your cattle, which means fewer treatments, reduced pasture contamination and a huge kick-start to your bottom line.

Injection versus pour-on drench - which should I choose?

Injecting drenches is the most reliable way to deliver the active into the animal, and gives the best chance to maximise on the label claims of the product.

Injection means it is delivered straight into the animal, and rapidly reaches high concentrations of active in the animal’s body and blood stream.

While pour-on drenches are convenient to use, the absorption of the active ingredient may be impeded by a multitude of factors, including skin thickness, coat thickness, dust, mud, faeces, loss of product on fences and yards, and ambient temperature.

Therefore, an injection is deemed best practice administration of a drench. In many situations, this may be impractical due to the class of stock, or farm facilities, and a pour-on product will be the only choice available.

Subsequently, Dectomax Injection offers a premium sterile solution for drenching as a first option. If this is not suitable, then Dectomax Pour-On provides excellent results with the convenience of a pour-on.