An oral anthelminitic that contains Abermectin and Praziquantel for the treatment of susceptible major intestinal parasites including tapeworm.

37.8GM syringe - single

37.8g single syringe

Anthelmintic: To drench for every worm, including tapeworms and bots. Up to 100 per cent kill within 24 hours against tapeworm. Up to 10 per cent kill against large and small strongyles, pinworm, stomach hairworm, intestinal threadworm, bots, ascarids, neck threadworm, large mouthed stomach worm and lungworm. Equimax is the only broad spectrum antiparasitic  that is totally effective against equine tape worm and all other equine worms, providing an unequalled level of endoparasitic control.


Active Constituents
- Abamectin 3.7 mg/g,
- Praziquantel 46.2 mg/g.