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Anti-Infective ProductsPestigard®
Pestigard® is the first vaccine for the prevention of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (BVDV), otherwise known as Bovine Pestivirus in cattle in Australia.
100ML - 250ML

Approved Uses

For the active immunisation of cattle against BVDV and to reduce reproductive losses due to BVDV.

Key Features

  • BVDV is a widespread disease throughout Australian cattle herds causing significant productivity loss by affecting the reproductive performance of the herd or increasing susceptibility to other common diseases.
  • The introduction of a Pestigard® vaccination program will reduce reproductive loss caused by BVDV. Pestigard® will also stimulate active immunity against BVDV which will assist in the reduction of losses associated with the Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) complex and other clinical diseases where BVDV is implicated.
  • A Pestigard® vaccination program can be conveniently integrated into existing management practices.


  • Dose rate 2mL
  • Pack Size 100mL - 50 doses
  • Pack Size 250mL - 125 doses

Dosage and Administration

  • The recommended dose for cattle of all ages is 2mL.
  • Two doses of Pestigard® should be administered 4-6 weeks apart with annual boosters thereafter.
  • The first dose of Pestigard® may be given up to 6 months before the second dose to suit management practices.
  • Immunity does not develop until at least 14 days after the second dose.
  • Safe for pregnant cows.
  • This product can be stored and used for up to 30 days after first opening. On each subsequent reuse, swab the opening with a suitable disinfectant (for example, methylated spirits) both before and after using. A sterile needle must be used each time product is removed. Store unused material upright, at 2oC to 8oC (refrigerated) and in the original cardboard packaging to protect from light.