Stock Prodder 70cm-35cm

The Magrath Stock Prodder is designed to help handle and move livestock effectively and efficiently. Available with 70cm or 35cm shaft.

As a market leader, it has proven itself on the road and in the stockyards for over 40 years both in Australia and throughout the world. Time tested and proven effective.

  • Clog-free, no ground tip
  • Tough, flexible shaft up to 90 degrees
  • High energy, longer lasting alkaline batteries
  • Durable, reliable solid state electronics system
  • Transmits very low current to animal with strong, instantaneous jolt
  • Finger guide to find switch by feel
  • Rubber switch insulator for prevention of feedback
  • Precious metal battery contacts won’t corrode
  • Heavy coil spring assures firm battery contact
  • Tough, structural grade plastic case