GalStar MaxY®

The Waratah GalStar MaxY steel fence post is the biggest and strongest GalStar post ever made.

Designed for use as an intermediate fence post or for medium-to-high stock pressure environments - where previously pipe, concrete or timber posts may have been used
The hot-dipped galvanized coating makes these posts suitable for use in medium-to-high corrosive environments
MaxY is the largest engineered Y-shape post which provides improved ground holding and better visibility
Ideal in rocky undulating country, where additional wire support may be needed
Consistent hole spacings for easy wire attachment and correct fence design
MaxY is less bulky than timber, concrete and pipe, easier to transport, requires no machinery to install and can be carried along the fence line by one person saving time and money


  • Material: High Grade Steel
  • Coating: Hot-dipped galvanized (min 600g/m2 zinc coverage)
  • Lengths Available: 180cm, 210cm, and 240cm