STOCKPOST® is a unique combination of innovative features, quality and strength that hasn’t been seen on the Australian market before. Available in black or galvanised.
A high performance post without the high price tag - Value for money.


Black Bituminous Finish 165cm

Hot-Dip Galvanised Finish 165cm

Innovative Ground Mark
A simple and effective visual mark to help you get your fence lined up at ground level. There is a contrasting red line on STOCKPOST® Galv, and contrasting white line on STOCKPOST® Black to guide how deep to drive each post. The ground mark is consistently positioned on each post to assist in lining the height of your fence up.

STOCKPOST has been independently tested:

Testing conducted by a NATA Accredited Laboratory (July 2012), of STOCKPOST and competitor posts commonly found in the Australian market. The test used simulated the force applied to a post by livestock in field conditions.



The full range of Stockposts are available in sling lots of 400 posts:


Black Bituminous Finish

10804  STOCKPOST Black 135cm (4'6")
10807  STOCKPOST Black 150cm (5')
10805  STOCKPOST Black 165cm (5'6")
10806  STOCKPOST Black 180cm (6')
10809  STOCKPOST Black 210cm (7')
10808  STOCKPOST Black 240cm (8')


Hot-Dip Galvanised Finish

10814  STOCKPOST Galvanised 135cm (4'6")
10817  STOCKPOST Galvanised 150cm (5')
10815  STOCKPOST Galvanised 165cm (5'6")
10816  STOCKPOST Galvanised 180cm (6')
10819  STOCKPOST Galvanised 210cm (7')
10818  STOCKPOST Galvanised 240cm (8') 

* Galvanised to Australian Standards