Dithane Rainshield Neo

Mancozeb 750g/kg (Group M3)
The premium broad-spectrum protectant fungicide for control of a range of diseases on a multitude of vegetables, fruit and ornamental crops.

Active Ingredient: mancozeb
Fungicide Group: Group M3
Formulation: 750g/kg water dispersible granule
Packaging: 20 Kg
Crops: Temperate and sub-tropical tree crops, Grapevines, Leafy and fruiting vegetables, Potatoes, Broadacre legumes, ornamentals

Target Disease: Extensive range of foliar and fruit diseases including Downy Mildew, Anthracnose, Cercospora

Product Features


  • New improved formulation
    - improved rainfastness
    - improved handling characteristics
  • The world's largest selling protectant fungicide
    - proven disease control and crop safety
  • The original mancozeb produced using the superior formulation process
    - guaranteed product quality and results
  • Multi-site activity within fungal cells
    - effective disease resistance management tool
    - broad spectrum disease control

Apply when disease symptoms first appear and repeat at regular intervals as required. Use the higher rate and shorter spray interval when weather conditions favour disease development.