Teldor® 500 SC Fungicide

Advanced botrytis control

Teldor is the leading fungicide for controlling botrytis (bunch rot) in grapes and the only Group 17 fungicide to be registered in Australia. Teldor also controls botrytis (grey mould) on strawberries.

Teldor has no adverse impacts on fermentation or the taste of wine, and prevents laccase and polysaccharide formation (which can damage flavour).

Like most Bayer CropScience products for use in horticulture, Teldor is ‘soft’ on beneficial insects (when used as directed) and fits very well into an IPM program. It can be applied at various stages throughout the crop growth cycle.

Product Type




Active Ingredient(s)


fenhexamid 500 g/L


Formulation Type


Suspension concentrate


Pack Size(s)


5 L
60 L


Chemical Group