Proven protection from snails, slugs, slaters and millipedes in the home garden
Product Type Insecticide
Active Ingredient(s) methiocarb 20 g/kg

Formulation Type Block bait
Pack Size(s) 600 gm

Chemical Group carbamates

Market Segments Ornamental Horticulture

Grouping 1A
Mode of Action Mollusicide with neurotoxic action


Kills snails, slugs, slaters and millipedes in the home garden.


  • Very effective and economical – one pellet can control up to 30 snails
  • Contains a bittering agent to help prevent accidental consumption by children and pets
  • Blue pellet colour is not attractive to birds
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to apply straight from the pack
  • Antidote available

How It Works

Attracts target pests. Contact and stomach poison.


20g/kg methiocarb in the form of a pelletised bait.


Highly effective.