Natralure Fruit Fly Bait

Spinosad 0.24g/L (Group 5)
Fruit Fly Bait Concentrate. Organically approved, ready to use fruit fly bait for use in fruit and nut orchards, vines, vegetables and ornamentals.

NaturalureTM Fruit Fly Bait Concentrate is the first self-contained fruit fly bait concentrate available in Australia.  It includes a number of volatile and food-based fruit fly attractants, sugars that act as feeding stimulants and humectants which keep the bait droplets soft and attractive and, unlike other fruit fly baits, also includes an active component that controls Fruit Fly.

The toxicant in Naturalure is spinosad - a new class of naturally produced metabolites from living organisms that provide excellent control of fruit fly pests, environmental compatibility, with low human risk.

Naturalure is approved for use in organic orchards by Biological farmers of Australia and is also certified for use in organic systems in many countries around the world.

Active Ingredient: spinosad
Formulation: 0.24 g/L concentrate
Insecticide Group: Group 5
Crops: Various trees, fruit, nut, vine and vegetable crops and ornamentals
Target Pests: For the control of Fruit flies, including Queensland fruitfly and Medfly