Castrol Engine Oils

AgriMP Plus, Agri Power Plus,RX Super, GTX-Professional 10W-30 and 15W-40, Magnatec, Edge Sport are some of the Castrol Oils stocked at TAFCO
Sizes vry from 4LT to 20LT (60LT and 205LT are ordered in)

Agri MP Plus

Agri MP Plus is a quality multi-purpose oil suitable for use in a wide range of applications on the farm. Agri MP Plus delivers performance and protection for engines, transmissions, wet brakes, hydraulics and front axles.

This new generation formulation offers significantly enhanced soot handling performance equivalent to API CH-4/ACEA E5.

Agri MP Plus is also formulated for use as a transmission lubricant. It is ideally suited also for use as a ‘heavy weight’ anti-squawk tractor transmission fluid and as a hydraulic fluid in most farm machinery

Key benefits:

  • one oil simplifies servicing, avoids misapplication.
  • reduces inventory, saves money.
  • Improved wear protection in latest generation diesel engines.
    • SAE: 20W-40
    • API Diesel: CE*
    • API Petrol: SG

Agri Power Plus

is Castrol’s prime recommendation for mixed fleet farming. This is a true high performance, multigrade engine oil designed specifically to lubricate and protect the typical range of all brands of equipment found on Australian farms.

Power Plus is a balanced formulation which exceeds the API CI-4 diesel and the SL petrol-engine specifications.
It is recommended for diesel engines - turbocharged or non-turbocharged, petrol engines - leaded or unleaded - and gas engines - LPG or CNG.
Refer to Technical Data Sheet for use with petrol engines.
Key benefits:
  • One oil for farm and on-road vehicles: Reduces inventory.
  • Improved soot related wear protection: Increases engine durability.
  • Excellent piston deposit control: Reduces oil consumption.
  • SAE: 15W-40
  • Diesel: API CI-4, ACEA E7
  • Petrol: API SL

Castrol RX Super 

Castrol RX Super is a low ash, multigrade diesel engine oil specially formulated to meet the needs of US heavy duty diesel engines without DPF/DPD. It is also suitable for most mixed fleet operations. Castrol RX Super exceeds the requirements of API CI-4 Plus and provides exceptional soot handling, oil consumption control and engine wear protection.

Castrol GTX  Professional 10W-30
High quality fuel efficient petrol engine oil designed to provide enhanced engine protection and satisfy the requirements of manufacturers specifying lower viscosity type engine oil. Recommended or suitable for a wide range of makes and models of petrol engines; typically 1995 onwards
Castrol GTX  Professional 15W-40
A multigrade engine oil that provides advanced engine protection, suitable for a wide range of petrol passenger cars, in particular those with multivalve engines, as well as many diesel engines used in passenger vehicles and light commercials, including turbocharged diesel engines