Super Clear Clarifying Tabs™

BioGuard® Super Clear Clarifying Tabs™ are 60g tablets containing the proprietary clarifier Poly A 2000 which aids in the removal of both organic andinorganic wastes by gathering together particles that can cause dull and cloudy water.
Convenient 60GM tablets or 6 x 60GM containers

Product Features:

  • Cationic polymeric flocculant.
  • Unique 60g clarifying tablets.
  • Built-in water enhancing agents.
  • Weekly skimmer application.
  • Compatible with all types of filtration systems.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Classified as a non-dangerous good.


  • Promotes excellent water clarity.
  • Enhances filtration.
  • Improves sanitiser effectiveness.
  • Storage and transport friendly.