Lawn Seed

Landscaper Lawm Mix and Long Run Tall Fescue are lawn mixes suited to the local environment.
5KG - 20KG

LANDSCAPER lawn seed mix is a specialty blend designed to suit new lawn applications in most domestic environments. LANDSCAPER combines a variety of grasses that will produce a quality lawn that is hardwearing and drought/shade tolerant at a budget price. It is also ideal for oversowing & patching.

LANDSCAPER Lawn Seed Mix includes Perennial Rye, Bentgrass, Fine Leaf Fescue

AVAILABLE SIZES                                               5KG & 20KG
BEST SOWING TIME                                    SPRING, AUTUMN
SOWING RATE                        1KG / 25 SQUARE METRE


LONG RUN FESCUE is a drought tolerant mix that requires less water after establishment. This versatile blend performs in both sun & shade locations and areas of high traffic. With dense, deep green leaves, strong growth and durability Long Run Fescue Blend will provide an attractive quality lawn that will survive tougher environments.

LONG RUN FESCUE includes Turf Type Tall Fescue, Blue Grass 

SOWING RATE                    1KG / 30 SQUARE METRES
AVAILABLE SIZES                                   5KG & 20KG BAGS