Rainwater Tanks - Polymaster Rural

Polymaster Rainwater Tanks Rural Range start at 13600LT -31,500LT Polymaster tanks are a one piece construction with no joins, seams or partlines down the walls - corrugated sides for additional strength.

Large Rainwater Tanks are well suited to rural properties or large town blocks where you require plenty of water storage especially in combination with a second tank when rainwater is your main supply for household use.

Our most popular size is 22,500litre (5,000Gallon)

One piece construction, moulded with no joins, seams or part-lines down the walls. At no stage is the roof cut off and put back on.
The Self Supporting Roof Design eliminates the need for a centre support pole.
Corrugated wall for strength
Moulded lugs for easy lifting and tie-down points
90mm Overflow fitting
400mm Mosquito Proof Leaf Screen
Solid Brass Threaded outlet placed through wall with an approved 40mm Ball Valve.
Food Grade polyethylene UV stabilised in all colours
20 Year Warranty
12 Standard Colours available - delivery between 3-6 weeks depending on requirments

Standard Colours

1 Mist Green - (Pale Eucalypt®)

2 Slate Grey - (Woodland Grey®)

3 Mountain Blue - (Deep Ocean®)

4 Heritage Green - (Cottage Green™)

5 Smooth Cream - (Classic Cream™)

6 Rivergum - (Wilderness®)

7 Wheat - (Harvest®)

8 Heritage Red - (Manor Red™)

9 Desert Haze - (Sandbank™)

10 Merino - (Paperbark®)

11 Metal Grey - (Ironstone™)

12 Beige


22,500L Poly Tank

Capacity: 22500 L (5000 gal)
Diameter: 3.56 m (11'8")
Inlet Height: 2.47 m (8'1")
Overall Height: 2.80 m (9'2")


13,600L Poly Tank

Capacity: 13600 L (3000 gal)
Diameter: 3.10 m (10'2")
Inlet Height: 2.10 m (6'11")
Overall Height: 2.45m (8")


31,700L Poly Tank

Capacity: 31700 L (7000 gal)
Diameter: 4.10 m (13'4")
Inlet Height: 2.61 m (8'7")
Overall Height: 3.04 m (10')