Italian made FLB mincing machines, saucing attachments, boning knives, Italian made vacuum machines and bags plus winemaking additives, yeast, tartaric acid, glass demijons, bungs and corks.

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Winemaking & Salami Equipment

Automatic Crown Capper

Super Automatic Crown Capper - Bench...

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Glass Demijohns with narrow neck and...

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Glass Bottles & Metal Caps

720ml and 1,000ml glass bottles with...

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Mincing Machines and Accessories

Quality Italian Made FLB Mincing...

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Salami Casings and Netting

Two sizes of Natural Salami Casings...

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Vacuum Sealer Machine, Bags and Rolls

Vacuum Sealers and a wide range of bags...

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Winemaking accessories & additives

Yeast to suit both red and white wines...

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