Farm Smart 2016-17

The FarmSMART project commenced in 2016 and was conducted up until December 31st 2017.

Working with new, emerging and existing agricultural industries, FarmSmart Project Officers Julian Carroll and Cindy Lucas co-ordinated and delivered a range of workshops that promoted management practices aimed at improving soil health, sustainable production and native vegetation in farming systems.

Farm Smart provided a resource to support new and emerging industries and has provided numerous workshops, field days and training days throughout the project.


Farm Smart Guides

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Weather and Climate

 Soil Testing

Here's a practical guide to soil sampling. TAFCO has a soil sampling probe available to members. Please contact the store to make a booking.



R&D Archive

Previous Research, Development and Extension activities can be found here.


Farm Smart Guides


Popular Broadleaf Herbicides


Worms and Fluke


Perennial Pasture Establishment